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How would it feel to wake up to a list of hot prospects who actually WANTED you to contact them...

Imagine it... never having to worry about where your next pay check was coming from, because you’ve got a list of clients who truly value your skills...

And a rock-solid business that could support you with just a few days’ work each month.

This isn’t some magical solution promising overnight riches and a new Ferrari in your driveway by the end of the week, but let me be very clear...

There Are THOUSANDS Of Businesses Desperate For Your Services If You Just Know How To Find Them...

But The Advice Everyone Gets Is DEAD WRONG

Yes, YOUR services

Never sold services to business before? Doesn’t matter. The fact you’re reading this letter means you could make getting $100/hour or $5000 fixed-fees a reality.

All you need are two things:

An in-demand service to offer.

A list of white-hot, highly-targeted leads.

Now I can guess what you’re thinking here...

“Gee thanks Einstein, a popular service and a bunch of people to sell it to. That’s a real revelation!”

So let’s get specific:

There’s One Key Service Businesses Are Crying Out For... And You Can Deliver It Even Without A PhD And 15 Years’ Marketing Experience

We’re talking video.

These days, smart businesses fall into 2 camps.

They either

And the good news is, most come under B.

They don’t know that actually, video creation is pretty easy. They don’t know tools like Video Maker FX and Viddyoze even exist.

And businesses don’t just love these videos, they PAY huge amounts for them.

How would you like to earn $100/hr? Because that’s what video creation specialists can charge.


Prospectrr is lead finding automation.
Your one-stop shop for high quality leads.

With Prospectrr, you don’t need to do any digging.

Enter Keyword & Location

Smart businesses specialise. You can find leads in any niche or area just by entering your search terms.

Click “Begin”

Prospectrr will hunt through the top pages of Google search faster than a rocket-powered bloodhound.

Choose Leads Based On Key Data

Instead of you having to investigate yourself, Prospectrr delivers all the key data in a simple table, letting you see the best prospects instantly.

It’ll even pull out their contact info, giving you a prime list of e-mails – your first clients are all here.

Contact your leads from inside the system

Prospectrr lets you contact your leads from inside the system. No need to import to an autoresponder and jump through their hoops. Hit a button and you’re done.

Plus, Check Out These
Powerful Prospectrr Features

Video Profiler

Instead of you having to investigate yourself, Prospectrr delivers all the key data in a simple table, letting you see the best prospects instantly.

It’ll even pull out their contact info, giving you a prime list of e-mails – your first clients are all here.

SEO and Social Data

It’s not all video. Prospectrr runs multiple tasks at one on our servers to keep things fast and efficient. This allows Propsectrr to return you an abundance of critical data on Social Media and SEO that lets you upsell clients with ease.

  • Opt out included in all email footers to keep your business CANSPAM compliant.
  • Download contacts and data to CSV for simple backups, or add them to your favourite autoresponder manually.

Automated Email Outreach:

Once you’ve chosen who you want your next client to be Prospectrr can begin your outreach campaign via email. Enter the campaign editor, choose your template, add your details, and send the email directly from Prospectrr. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s professional. Includes:

  • WYSIWYG Email HTML editor make editing emails quick and easy.
  • SMPT and API integration lets you take full control of your email outreach by syncing up your favourite email and autoresponder clients.

Special Early Bird Bonuses!

When You Purchase Prospectrr, You Also Get
Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses

Early Bird Bonus #1: LIVE 3 Part Webinar Series with Sam Bakker & Eva-Maria (First 100)

Sam & Eva have both made $100,000+ helping businesses.

In this 3 part webinar series they are going to use Prospector to find businesses live on the call.

You’re going to see how you can implement this strategy in your own business and learn how Eva and Sam have both acquired clients through sending emails.

You won’t want to miss this. All live recordings will be recorded. We will cover everything that you need to know to really put Prospectrr to work. (Stay Tuned For More Information)

Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • A full step by step strategy about how to make money using Prospectrr
  • What types of businesses you should focus on first (the niche of business is really important)
  • A complete strategy guide for implementing the Prospectrr strategy in your business
  • The email Eva-Maria has used to generate the BEST responses from businesses
  • All of the documents you need to close the sale and get paid!
  • A full replay of each webinar you can watch whenever you want to
  • Much much more...

Early Bird Bonus #2: Local Kickstarter With Video Walkthrough (First 100 only)

A step by step guide that Walks you through Exactly How to Make Money Helping Businesses. Strictly limited to the first 100 people who get access today.

This is a guide I've recently updated. It's never been sold and will be sold soon for $97.

It's a step by step guide that walks you through exactly how to make money helping businesses.

It includes strategies that are working right now and information based around my experience making over $100,000+ per year helping businesses.

Helping businesses is a great way to start making money online.

You can apply the 'online marketing' knowledge you've learnt from products online and make money helping businesses.

This guide will also be really helpful if you want to help businesses with Quiz Funnels.

Strictly limited to the first 50 people who get access today.

Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights Video Drill

Finally You Can Increase Visitors, Leads, Sales, With Our New Revolutionary Video Technology That Creates Profitable YouTube Marketing Campaigns In Seconds

Early Bird Bonus #4: White Label Rights
Consulting In Minutes

  • Includes All Of The Sales Material To Sell Consulting In Minutes (PSD, HTML)
  • Includes Sales Video's To Help You Sell Consulting In Minutes
  • Promote Consulting In Minutes As Your Own Making 100% Of The Profits
  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell
  • And Much Much More...

Early Bird Bonus #5:
White Label Rights - Copy Cut Social

This is the best Social Media Marketing sales product we have.
It's going to show your clients how to make money helping businesses!

Early Bird Bonus #6:
White Label Rights - 25 Video Background Videos

Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos

  • Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos
  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Resell for Profit, Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business
  • Small 15-30 second clips you can loop in your greenscreen background to add more excitement to your videos

Early Bird Bonus #7: Cross Sell Slider Pro Software

Easily Boost Your Sales With Cross Sell Slider Pro On Your Websites!

  • Create Cross Sell Sliders In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Software Requires No Installation
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Cross Sell Slider Hovers Above Page
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver
  • Feature Up To 3 Products Per Slider

Early Bird Bonus #8: WP iAsk Plugin

Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place!

  • Quickly, easily and instantly create surveys at the push of button and get precise, in-depth statistics that will help you make better decisions next time regarding the way you run your business
  • Possibility of using shortcodes in order to make your life easier – The surveys can be embedded in any post or page via shortcodes
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Jaw-dropping Widget Effects –Get access to various styles that control the appearance of the survey widget…for a great first impression!
  • Restrictions option available– Surveys can be made available only to registered users or to the general public…you have the control
  • And Much More!

Early Bird Bonus #9:
Scroll In Order Button Pro Software

At Last! Easily Increase Your Sales With These Scroll In Order Buttons

  • Creates Scroll In Buttons In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Software Requires No Installation
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Option To Enter Call To Action Text
  • Scroll In Button Hovers Above Active Page
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL

Early Bird Bonus #10: Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages

Get 50 Easy To Use And Install Fully Customizeable Mobile Squeeze Pages

Early Bird Bonus #11: WP Tube Monetizer

Monetize ANY YouTube video with just some clicks!

Early Bird Bonus #12: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V5

Create Amazing Graphics For All Your Marketing Needs In Just a Few Minutes

  • Sales Page Templates
  • SD Ebook Covers
  • Kindle Book covers
  • Website Headers
  • FB Timeline Covers
  • YouTube Channel Backgrounds
  • Mobile Flyers
  • iPhone MockUps
  • Social Icons
  • And Heaps More!

Why You Need OTO#1

Superfolios. Priced at $97.

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Special OTO Bonus #1: Social Post Rotator (First 50 only)

Save Hours of Time with Social Post Rotator! The Automatic Updating Software That’s Going To Put Customized Facebook Posts On Autopilot FOR YOU!

Special OTO Bonus #2:
White Label Rights Video Script Software

Sell Video Script Software for 100% profits!
Rebrand our sales material and sell!

Special OTO Bonus #3: WP Profit Doubler Software

Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Video Site Featuring Adsense and Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions and Much More

  • 120 videos sourced from YouTube. When you use the software, it fetches the latest selection of most popular videos for this particular niche. So when you build your site, you can be sure it will be fully up to date with the very latest videos
  • Content provided by extracting random snippets from a set of 20 private label articles, ensuring that your pages are unique and contain niche-targeted content
  • Optional Adsense ad units, featuring your Adsense ID, on each video page
  • Optional custom text ad units (instead of Adsense ad units) on each video page. You can advertise anything you want (such as affiliate links). The custom text ads are entered just by editing a simple text file.
  • Randomly generated cross links on all pages to make the site structure different to that of any other website - and to ensure full search engine spidering of your site
  • Professional looking home pages, featuring thumbnails of each video
  • Quality header graphic automatically customized with your chosen text

Early Bird Special Begins In...

Once You Purchase Prospectrr, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As "Sam Bakker Bonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we will get your bonuses to you right away!