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I want to show you a common problem that every website owner will face, and the WordPress plugin I wrote (and personally use) to solve this problem
Early Bird Bonus #4: Giveaway/Resell Rights - Brett’s “How I Make Money Online” course
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Add Countdown Timers To ANY Website - Use In Your Own Business Or Resell Keeping 100% Of The Profits
Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with a clickable Buy Now button and countdown timer on any of your posts. It comes in two versions - standard and gold. The standard version is ideal to give away for free and build a list. The gold version is ideal as a upsell on the free version.
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Instantly Add Facebook Retargeting Pixels To Any Page Use In Your Own Business Or Resell Keeping 100% Of The Profits 
This plugin allows people to quickly and easily add their Facebook re targeting pixel to every page / post in their WordPress site.
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Amazing WordPress Plugin Builds Authority, traffic and clicks in just a few minutes. So easy anyone can do it, no matter how non technical they are
The gold version of Brett's super popular Jack Jacker plugin. This plugin allows you to 'jack' almost any website and put clickable links and banners over it.
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Add Your Bar To ANY External Website Use In Your Own Business Or Resell Keeping 100% Of The Profits 
Let's you quickly put an interactive live chat box on any WordPress site.
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Create unlimited Facebook-style ads with a few clicks!
Facebook ads are exploding! It’s a format people are not getting tired of clicking on — in fact, as they get used to them, they click even more.
Now you can easily implement those same kinds of ads on your sites, and get PAID when people click instead of paying Facebook.
  • Create unlimited Facebook-style ads with a few clicks
  • Total Control of Your Ads
  • WP Ad Slinger is a WordPress plugin you install in seconds.
  • Mirroring the current style of Facebook’s column-based ads, you can set up and run endless image and text-based ads.
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An Easy Way To Make More Money From Your WordPress Blogs, By Adding Self-Updating Amazon Bestseller Ads To Your Blog Posts!

The software uses the Amazon bestseller "RSS feeds" to get the latest ads. These provide a self-updating selection of the bestsellers in any Amazon category.

The RSS feed provides text describing each item and photos of the items, along with links to the product pages.
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Affiliate Whisper software allows anyone to apply this essential technique to all their affiliate links, in just a few seconds... 
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This Wordpress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!

Simple Social Expandable adds social network buttons, five social sharing buttons, such as: Facebook 'Like it!', Google plus on '+1', Twitter share and Pinterest Pin it.

Google follow plugin is fully customizable. You can decide where to put those buttons in your page.
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