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Let me ask you a question. What is the most powerful medium of communicating with your target market on the web?

You are right if you answered VIDEO MARKETING.

There’s no other marketing medium; as powerful, as effective and as wide in reach; as video marketing on the Net today.

As a video marketer, your most powerful tool is YouTube. The world’s most popular video site which is nearly synonymous to video marketing on the Internet.

YouTube’s domination on the video marketing world is absolute. Not even Facebook has been able to shake its strong grip on the market.

Just how powerful video marketing on YouTube is? Have a look at this hard, cold data.

YouTube is a True Beast!

  • YouTube has over 1.3 billion users.
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.
  • 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US.
  • YouTube has paid over $1.25 billion to video owners as revenue share.
  • YouTube channels making 6 figures has grown by 50% in just one year.
  • The number of advertisers on YouTube has grown by 40%.
  • YouTube advertisers are spending 60% more on YouTube year on year.
  • The highest paid YouTube stars earned a total of $54.5 million in 2015.
  • YouTube partner revenue has been growing 50% year on year since the last 3 years.

That’s the beauty of YouTube. The biggest earners on this platform are not big production houses or music labels. Nope! They are regular home-grown folks like you and I. People who are creating niche videos and pulling in millions of viewers to their quaint but engaging videos.

Qualified viewers mean viewers who actually look at your content. Who watch what you’ve got to show. People who actually spend time on YouTube.

In other words: REAL VIEWERS

Imagine what it would it be like if you had thousands of people coming to you every month on YouTube, all on their own, watching your videos, and building up the stats for you that bring you super ranking success!

Pay a lot of attention now, because what I am going to reveal next is the big secret. The ninja trick that many YouTube minnows have used to grow into successful, profit crunching sharks.

You see, I do a lot of YouTube marketing myself. I own several channels in various niches, and I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing and reverse engineering the success strategies of many top YouTube channels.

I ran into this trick by pure luck, and because I looked hard enough.

The Most Powerful YouTube Marketing Strategy

During all my years on YouTube, I’ve not seen any strategy more powerful than this. This method literally pulls the traffic to your YouTube channel.

I call it the ‘Comments-growth strategy’.

It’s couldn’t be easier. All you need to do to get rapid growth on your new YouTube channel is leave engaging comments on targeted, relevant and popular YouTube channels and videos.

Anything that’s powerful is often difficult and time consuming. Well, this strategy sure was. I have spent hours and hours just sitting on my computer, finding videos and channels and leaving comments.

Yes, there’s growth and views to my channel, but sometimes the task became so daunting that I felt it was better to give up on this method and find something else.

What I am going to show you next, is one of those. A tool that I created to help me explode my YouTube viewership and grow my channels into a powerhouse.


Tube Traffic

Breakthrough Video Marketing Software
That Gets You Quality Video Traffic on 100% Autopilot

That’s it. No spending hours and hours implementing unsure marketing strategies and hoping something will happen and your channel will grow.

Harvest Unlimited Targeted YouTube Users

Traffic is powerful when it’s relevant. TubeTraffic lets you enter any keywords and finds you all the YouTube users who are targeted by those keywords. It works for any niche!

Find Highly Relevant Videos

Find relevant videos for any keyword on 100% autopilot. Just enter the keywords and TubeTraffic will collect the videos for you working in the background. Relevant videos will drive you relevant traffic, making sure your watch-time and conversions are high.

Comment On Users

Leave comment on users and channels on autopilot to attract the attention of targeted users, and to also get traffic from channel comments field of the channels. You can also use this to build working relationships and partnerships with others in your niche.

Comment on Videos

Leave engaging comments on targeted videos in your niche in 100% autopilot. Grab viewers, fresh subscribers and grow your channel organically without spending anything on paid traffic or hiring costly help.

Channel Subscriptions

Auto subscribe to interesting channels. Get follow-backs, and also build a footprint that puts you in the right market and niche for YouTube. Great way to grow your channel and build connections

Human-Pattern Technology

Random intervals between comments, and maintaining a safe interval between subsequent comments helps maximize approvals and protects you from bans.

Random Selection of Comments

Pre-feed a database of comments and TubeTraffic will random-cycle between all the comments to make sure you get maximum variety and there is minimum repetition.

Create Video Groups

Keep things organized and sorted between your video channels and projects by putting everything in separate groups. Each group will hold all the data and the interactions that you create for it without affecting the other groups.

Multi Threaded & Non Intrusive

TubeTraffic works silently in the background without disturbing your work. Its multi-threaded technology processes things faster on your PC while consuming minimal resources.

With TubeTraffic You Can

Grow Your New Channel Rapidly

If you’ve got a new channel, traffic is going to be your biggest problem, but with TubeTraffic it’s not a problem anymore. You will get a constantly increasing supply of views and organic viewership.

Get More Subscribers Everyday

More subscribers means more dedicated viewership and more authority. With TubeTraffic you will get real subscribers, not fake accounts that YouTube detects and penalizes you for.

Create New Collaborations

Get in contact with the top YouTube channels of your niche. Talk to them and strike out partnerships, even send them offers, do exchanges, buy rights to videos, and cross-promote. Anything is possible!nd penalizes you for.

Increase Your Watch Time

Watch time is the most important metric that YouTube considers to rank your videos. If your watchtime is higher, it will get you more viewers through search and other sources.

Reignite Your Dead Channels

Did you give up on YouTube already? It’s time to reignite your video passion and get viewers back to your older channels. With TubeTraffic you can drive traffic anywhere. Even to older channels.

Get More Social Authority

Be right in front of the targeted viewers in your niche no matter which YouTube channel or which video they are watching. Get more popularity and get recognized, resulting in more traffic and authority to you.

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  • Discover underexploited niches that others have not sucked dry.
  • Get new ideas to make money faster.

FEATURE #1 : NicheTarget Reaper

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  • Allows you to target local video keywords to leverage region specific keywords.

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Tube chimp - A video keyword research tool that harvests highly relevant keywords for your YouTube channel. It also finds you top ranking videos for the fed-in keywords.

  • Generates high viewership by finding you the most effective keywords for your videos, targeted by top ranking videos in your niche
  • Sources multiple keywords to feed in, and make your videos appear on the YouTube sidebar suggested videos list.
  • Leverages high ranking for your YouTube video by doing research on your competitor's strategy.
  • User friendly and blazing fast, it helps up your rank in your targeted niche, faster.

Its intelligent software application finds you the most relevant and competitive keywords in your targeted niche.

It is intuitively designed to source top ranking videos that will up your viewership.

Dominate your market by leveraging the top niche players' research to boost your own YouTube channel.

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Leverage the combined impact of YouTube and Google Keyword search analysis to drive exploding traffic to your site. Target the right keywords with this software as it does the twin analysis of Google and YouTube keywords.

  • Sources extensive data on open, quoted and top video keywords from both Google and YouTube.
  • Analyzes how easy, hard or moderately difficult it is to rank for the niche keyword.
  • Compiles the low competion niche keywords to help you rank better and drive more traffic.

Collates data from Youtube and Google to help analyze the niche competition.

Gives an insight into the level of competitiveness of targeted video keywords.

Helps strategize in targeting the right keyword that wil boost the ranking on your video channel.

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