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With $5 Billion Expected Ad Budget For 2017
Are Bloggers Advertising All Wrong?

In the next few minutes, I’ll share how you can do both, whether you're an experienced blogger or just starting out as a complete online newbie.

First though, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the changes sites like Facebook & Twitter have made, that’s costing everyday bloggers, like you a lot of money.

To the tune of $5 Billion dollars…

Between Facebook, Google and Twitter, it’s expected that over $5 Billion dollars will be spent on native advertising in 2017 alone.

Which isn’t bad in itself, I mean… if you can spend $1 to make back $2 - you’d do it all day right?

But as bloggers, we’re often losing out, spending that money - and not even getting our dollar back - and if you’re not spending money, then it’s still costing you, usually with your time instead.

It’s normal to get excited about seeing likes, clicks and shares - and feel like these are wins for you.

But really… it’s like going to the Casino and winning 10 free spins… it feels nice but it doesn’t result in actual cash in your pocket.

There Are Only Two Wins You
Can Get On A Website


When a customer gives you an email address


When someone buys from you

ultimatebannerimg06And now you can have both, putting a twist on something that’s been starting you in the face the whole time…

The humble banner ad.

Visit any profitable blog online and you’ll see banners everywhere, why? Because they work.

But how do you make banners if you’re not a designer?

How do you make them grab the reader’s attention?

And then, the most important thing…

how do you get them to make you actual… ‘in your pocket’ cash?

… It’s crazy that something so important to bloggers, should be this frustrating.

Which is why I partnered with the “Rapid Growth Guy”, Matthew Pollard to develop this Ultimate Banner plugin.


Ultimate Banner Plugin

Turn Your Banners Into List Building Magnets

Affiliate promotions are great for NOW money, but for ongoing, automated income your blog needs to be building a subscriber list too

And we’ve made that easy too, by letting you create banners pops up a subscribe box when clicked.

So you can use your banner graphics to build your subscriber lists quickly, easily and for whatever list you choose to build.

And it’s really easy too, with seamless integration with Thrive Themes, LeadPages and all major autoresponders.

This plugin comes pre-packed with
ready-to-customise templates

So you can do any kind of advertising you want to do on your blog - anywhere… with our collection of

Sidebar templates for perfect ads or list building graphics in your side bars every time

Full-width banners for more noticeable instantly attention grabbing graphics and in-post ads for reviews posts or content articles

Video templates that engage your visitors with stunning designs and calls to action

And even testimonial templates to add instant social proof on your blog in minutes

In short, you can have profitable promotions and subscriber building ads
on your blog, anywhere… ready in moments, with no fuss or hassle.

See It In Action Here

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  • Automatically split any post, category, or even your entire blog into these sticky cash pulling posts.
  • Choose how many splits you want to do.
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  • Social Sharing Buttons

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